#43 Flatiron Nova

Tonight I went to dinner with my old college professor and classmate. We had great fun at Eden Wok, a little kosher Chinese food restaurant by the school. I did not stay with them for long.

Exploration awaits.

It’s amazing what you see walking around the city. As we are already in the winter months, nights come extraordinarily early. In a matter of five minutes everything goes dark, and the city comes to life. I do not know why but from my experience everything in the city seems empty, almost dead, until the sun goes down and the neon lights blaze. That is when the weirdos come out to play.

The cultural melting pot. Probably the only place in the universe where you can see thousands of different religions and cultures mingling with out killing each other. Sure they might be thinking negative thoughts, but no one shows it. I walk past an upper class lady asking an Asian fruit vendor how much for a bag of grapes. A little further down and I see Russians arguing over who did what to who last night. Further still and you see a black and white couple holding hands walking down the street. Beautiful. Even more beautiful yet to see a posh fancy jewelry store right next to a rinky dinky dry cleaner store. Is it just me or does it not smell like the wonderful aroma of brewing coffee combined with the stank of an un-bathed homeless man and piss.

New York. If you weren’t so darn expensive, I would not be leaving you. I love you so, in all of your weirdness.

I finally arrived at the flat iron building. The night before I scrolled through my Facebook wall and came across an article about Nova, a Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design. It was some form of art installation right across the street from the oddly shaped building, a kaleidoscopic sculpture of wonderful colors. It was beautiful. I sat on a bench nearby both to take in the display and rest from my long observational walk through the city.

Shortly after I made my way back home with an empty stomach and a dead phone.


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