#42 Rubik’s Cube Challenge

When I woke up this morning, I noticed that on my cousins dresser was a jumbled up Rubik’s Cube. I normally do not touch his stuff because he is grumpy as all heck, but I could not resist. I have never owned a Rubik’s Cube, and so I have never been able to attempt to solve it. I took it as a personal challenge to solve the Cube and leave it on his dresser to see what he would say when he came home to see it completed. I worked slow and did layer by layer so it took me over an hour. Was not really keeping an eye on the clock so not sure of the exact time. Eventually though, I did get it done! It was pretty cool to finish it. I never thought I would be able to solve it. Especially by looking at it the first time. The colors were everywhere and I did not have a clue how in the world I was going to do it, but I figured it out! Have you ever been able to solve the Cube?


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