#41 Prospect Park

In all my time in New York City, I have never been to Prospect Park. At least in my opinion going to the Zoo and the Carousel on the edge of the park does not count as going INTO the park. Yesterday, I spent my morning walking the Prospect Park Zoo once again (Zoo Pictures HERE). Not been there for years. I thought it would be boring to walk the zoo alone, but it was actually quite enjoyable. Peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. I got to explore the discovery trail where I came across ducks, geese, prairie dogs, dingoes, emus, the aviary, etc. I also headed to the nocturnal section to see night creatures such as the bat, the farm section to see cows and sheep, then of course a trip to the zoo is not complete without staying for the sea lion feeding. When I saw all there was to see, I headed to the carousel where I spent a little over an hour listening to the carousel music as I read my book.

Eventually my pal Jorge showed up to accompany me on my walk through the park. I did not want to get lost on my own and he lives near the park so he is there all the time. We got to see several bridges, the boathouse, high fishermen, fields, the lake, a waterfall, and even a wedding. The waterfall had to be my favorite part, mainly because he hiked down a little path that brought us up close to the falls.

Didn’t get to see everything I thought I would, but as it is winter it got dark incredibly fast. Its not exactly the best place to get lost in in the dark. So we went home. Ill see if I can make it again sometime soon.


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