#39 Crochet

For the past few weeks, or rather months, I have been massacring my stress levels by concentrating on my crafts. Although painting was really working for me, I sort of ran out of wall space, and the bit of canvas I have left is hard to work with. So I turned to something new. Or rather something old that I picked up again after a long time. Crocheting. I am not the best at it. I keep looking at most of my stuff and wonder if it will break apart when I throw it in the washing machine. I did not pick it up to be the best though. As I said its just a healthy way to ease my mind from all my problems. Better to turn to painting and crochet than drugs and alcohol, no? Anyway. I am pretty proud of some of my stuff though. I have made things I never thought I could. Even more so because people started asking me to make things for them, especially Christmas Gifts. Its a decent hobby. Fun. Not so expensive. I’m going to keep it up when ever I can. Soon I would like to return to painting though. That’s something I enjoy doing even more, even though I am not that great at it either.


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