#35 Hogs & Heifers Saloon

It was brought to my attention recently, that a bar I’ve wanted to visit for the longest time was closing its doors forever. Not wanting to miss the chance to see it, I decided to head there last night.

Pretty cool little bar. Wonderful spot. Great music. Cheap drinks. Comfy atmosphere. Dancing ladies on bar tops. What is there not to like about this supposed “Coyote Ugly” movie inspiration? Pretty much all that ran through my mind the entire night. Why close such a great place? WHY?!

It is absolutely devastating that it is closing. Why should I feel so strongly about a bar I went to once?

Because this world is shit! I really do hate what this world is coming to! I don’t understand people. After a couple of hours enjoying my time within, I decided to step out for a breath of fresh air. I stood there looking around … and it was automatically kick you in the balls plain and clear why this bar was closing!

It was the only “dive” in the neighborhood!

The only thing decent left in my opinion seeing as how the entire block was filled with nothing but these high end boutiques that make me want to barf. Construction all around building those fancy classy condo high rises. Bright and shiny nothings wasting up space! Merchandise that’s ridiculously priced at $150 PER SOCK! Not pair of socks …  PER SOCK! And here this little bar the only thing left of the old world forced to shut down due to high rents.



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