#33 Tour Guide: Central Park, Zoo, and Station

Yesterday Joy came to NYC with her new family. I served as their tour guide for the day. Picked them up at the hotel. Got them onto the subway train headed towards Central Park. They got to see the Dakota (where John Lennon was shot), Strawberry Fields, Bow Bridge, the Bethesda Fountain and terrace, the Row Boats and Boathouse, and the Conservatory Water (Model Boat Sailing).

We then took the bus a couple of stops down to the Central Park Zoo. We got to see a few animals, saw the sea lion feeding, and then went to the petting zoo where we got to feed sheep and goats. My favorite part had to be the Sea Lions. They are such show offs … I love it. Check out their cheekiness:

Eventually, we were all pretty exhausted, hungry and hot. I took them to Grand Central Station as it was air conditioned and had a food court. When we arrived, I took them to the Whispering Wall so they could try it out. It was so cool. Then we went to eat at Two Boots Pizza. As we still had time to kill, we took a look at the Grand Central Transit Museum. It was kind of disappointing. Not much there but a gift shop and a small display of illustrations with explanations. I think the bigger better one is the one in Downtown Brooklyn. Going to have to make time to go there sometime soon.

Soon after that, I showed them the way to their bus back. I returned home as I was exhausted and had work in the morning.


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