#30 Aria’s Target Scavenger Hunt

Decided to try something new and different with the girls today. Instead of keeping them at home super bored, or spending tons of money out at a popular New York hangout, I decided to take them to Target. Yes … to Target … for a Scavenger Hunt. In order to make things interesting, the loser had to do a dare picked by the winner. There were some good ideas thrown around like Make the loser go to the check out counter with a cart full of items, have the lady check it out … and walk away without paying (not with the items by the way just walk away). While this was a great dare I told them not to do stuff like that because I did not want them to get in trouble. Instead they decided to do silly embarrassing things like yelling stuff in a crowded aisle in the store.  I made out a list of 20 items, and they had 15 minutes to run around the store and try to find as many as they could. The one to come back with the most items of course was the winner.

As you will see from the video, Jade won both rounds.

After the games, we went to pizza hut in target to eat. Then we headed to Five Below to get some goodies and head home for more movies and fun.


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