#29 Coney Island Fireworks

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Coney Island with my cousin Amber. It was her twelfth birthday on the 2nd of July so I decided to take her out for a bit of fun. We started by going to our favorite shop to get candy apples and cotton candy. We grabbed a pizza from the new Little Caesars and headed to the beach. We sat on the sand, ate, and talked, then headed to the water. We played in the sand and with the waves for close to two hours. When tired, we returned back to the boardwalk to clean our feet, put on our shoes, and head to the bathroom.

We noticed that the Carousel was finally open on the boardwalk so we headed there first. I was scared I would break a horse so I sat on a stationary one behind hers (which was one of the traditional moving ones). From the carousel, we headed to the Spook-A-Rama Haunted house by the Wonder Wheel. We both screamed our butts off and have a picture key chain to prove our cowardice. From the haunted house, we went on the scrambler. Then on to corn dogs by the arcade because we were hungry again.

There is a free art exhibit on one of the streets at coney island so we walked around there as we waited for the firework show to start at nine thirty. When it finally did begin it was amazing. Figured it would be best to see fireworks last night and then stay home enjoying food and movies today. Which is exactly what we did.

After the fireworks we headed to It’Sugar to get more candy (which she ate on the long ride home). Very busy week ahead of us. Taking her to several places and having a girls night … or well more like weekend … with our other cousin Jade. On to making S’MORES!


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