Life Goals

#26 Lindsey Stirling Live!

Had a great time last night at the Lindsey Stirling concert! It was incredible. I don’t think I have ever been to a concert like this one. The music, props, and dancing were spectacular. I really enjoyed myself finally getting to see her live. Her videos are always great, but getting to see her play in person is on an entirely different level! I asked many different people to enjoy it with me (I had an extra ticket) but no one could make it. In the end I ended up taking my little cousin and we had a blast. I was feeling ill most of the time but I enjoyed myself as best as I could. I was glad that she played some of my most favorite songs such as Crystallize, Shadows, Elements, Roundtable Revival, Transcendence, and Shatter Me. I especially loved that in the middle of Shatter Me … fireworks started exploding behind the concert area! I was not expecting it so when I heard the first pop I almost cried because I thought someone was trying to shoot Lindsey or something! When I realized what it was I almost broke my neck because I was going back and forth so fast from firework to stage trying to see both at once. Ha. It was a night to remember. I definitely hope everyone gets a chance to see her play live. It will definitely be a great time!


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