#21 Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Finally made it to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. There have been several weekends in which I intended to go, but something or another came up. Yesterday night, very last minute, I decided to go.  It was a bit of an adventure trying to find the place. Kind of my fault though, I was not paying attention to where I was going regardless of having a map open on my phone. Too distracted by the very hipster environment of yoga studios and vegan bacon providing shops. If not for the distractions, I feel the place was actually pretty easy to find (at least the trip back to the station from the warehouse was so much easier).

Anyway, somehow it turned from hipster-ville to satanic devil worshiper-ville. No kidding. I was trying to find my way back to the bazaar when I came across an old antique truck filled with flowers and candles placed in a very witchy way. It scared me so I rushed down the block only to find a gigantic white upside down cross painted on the brick wall entrance to a warehouse. You have never seen a fat person run so fast. Then somehow I ended up on a deserted street that looked like the perfect setting for a horror movie or a remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Thankfully not soon after, I turned a corner, walked up the block, and saw a bunch of people in front of a tent. I found the bazaar! Never in my life was I so glad to see so many hipsters.

The bazaar was amazing. The warehouse had a food court of picnic tables with a bunch of restaurants to choose from. The concert stage had different live bands playing all night (breaks in between of course). There were many vendors selling different things like jewelry, clothes, toiletries, art, and other trinkets. There was an arcade, black light mini golf, a psychic, air hockey, and even what looked to me like a barber (or at least he did designs on guys heads).  I didn’t have much money, so I didn’t really get anything other than pina colada flavored cotton candy from Brooklyn Floss. Yes, you heard me right … PINA COLADA COTTON CANDY! It was so good. Never knew it existed until last night. I ate while I watched one of the bands play. I walked around after from vendor to vendor looking at everything. I liked quite a few items but sadly could not afford them. It kind of made me depressed so I headed home. Did not spend much time there but I will definitely go back when I have the cash to do so, or if I just want to go see a free concert.


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