#20 Earth Day

People usually annoy me in that they feel the need to celebrate a holiday just to celebrate it, then they forget the message of it all the rest of the year. Like Valentines Day. Why give me flowers and chocolates once a year? Why wait to tell me you love me on a holiday? Its an everyday thing! I would be more impressed if I received a Valentines Day type gift in August.

The same principle applies to Earth Day. All day I have seen news of people doing something good for the universe, like planting a tree or recycling some papers. I am glad people remember to help on Earth Day, its greatly appreciated. What exactly is the point however, if tomorrow you are back to wasting? Like other holidays, this should be one that is practiced through out the year!

I had plans to head out today to the park or beach. I wanted to spend Earth Day alone with the actual earth and not tucked away in my apartment. Unfortunately, nature had different plans. In recently getting over a horrible flu (and still sort of recuperating), I did not think it best to sit outside in the middle of a freezing cold downpour. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Mainly because I was looking forward to spending time outside, not because I did not “celebrate” Earth Day. In a way I am happy I didn’t get to do anything because well … I can just go out later in the week, month, or year and do something anyway! Why? Because I don’t need a holiday to practice whatever belief I have!

So … Happy Earth Day! And please remember that Earth Day is Every Day! Do Not Forget to



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