#19 Art Battle

Spent last night / early this morning at Le Poisson Rouge for an ArtBattles Event. It was so much fun and entirely amazing. For those that do not know what an Art Battles is all about, here is a small explanation straight from the website:

The objective of ArtBattles® is to create live art events and competitions to expose emerging artists to the public. This becomes an exhibition of the creative process through a battle between teams of artists. ArtBattles is innovative in that it has changed the way artists demonstrate their talents, creating a new model for art exhibition and sales. The goal of ArtBattles is to create a platform for inspiring this global movement.

Basically, there was a round raised platform in the middle of the lounge with four gigantic blank canvases on it. Four artists had to let their imaginations run wild in front of a crowd throughout three stages. Each stage was thirty minutes long and consisted of using different art materials and tools.

Round 1: Marker
Round 2: Acrylic Paint
Round 3: Aerosol (Spray Paint)

Building up on their work in each round their end results were breathtaking. To see the full creation from beginning to end of an incredible piece of art in under two hours was exceptional. I have never seen anything like it.

The bar at the end of the room and the amazing music (and DJ) added on to the intensely energetic and amusing environment.

Definitely a place and event I would like to visit once more.


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