#17 Riddles, Tours, and Fun

Fever, an event discovery app for new york (and how I got tickets for the Murder Mystery earlier this month), had a riddle contest for a chance to win money towards any activity they offer. After solving the following three riddles, I needed to enter the answers as coupon codes to redeem the prizes, ended up winning over $50 for an activity of my choice.

Riddle 1: It starts out cold and ends up hot, avoid the pollen or you’ll get snot. What is it?

Answer: SPRING

Prize: $7

Riddle 2: Made from a chicken but comes from a bunny, this seasonal gift comes with chocolate or money.


Prize: Entered into a raffle for the big NYC Easter Egg Hunt. If you were one of the first three to answer you would get free tickets, but I did not make it so I just got entered to the raffle. I guess I did not win because I heard nothing else.

Riddle 3: Covered in purple and full of dairy, guess what I am and your weekend will be merry!


Prize: Merry indeed! I wont $50 for just this riddle alone!

The money however needed to be used on or before March 31, 2015. With such little time to make use of my prize, I looked through Fever to see what I could find. Unfortunately, all weekend the app was a little wonky. I’m sure everyone and their mothers were trying to use up their prize money if they got any, so the app was out of whack and I could not see the activities properly.

Last night I checked to see what I could do today or tomorrow with the money and found a $43 TV and Movie Sights Bus Tour. Since it is not very often that I can afford to pay for an activity (I normally just run around the city doing free things) I decided to take advantage of my prize.

I arrived early this morning. The tour bus was a gigantic greyhound like bus but white with no decal. The tour consisted of four different aspects; the pass by, the screen, the tour guide, and the stops. Most of the locations we saw through the windows of the bus as the tour guide provided information on the location and showed us the clips of movies featuring the location as we passed by. Then there were about four stops along the way where we got off the bus and got to walk and see locations up close. Stop 1 was Washington Square Park featured in many movies such as August Rush, I am Legend, When Harry met Sally, Glee, and Step Up 3D. Stop 2 was about a 20 minute stop where we were given a map and allowed to roam around to see what ever locations we wished to see. I chose to go to the loft apartment building from Ghost and to Dean and DeLuca featured in Felicity and Julie & Julia. Stop 3 was  at the Hook and Ladder 8 Firehouse from Ghostbusters and the apartment building in which Will Smiths character lived in the movie Hitch. Stop 4 was one of my favorites as we go to see the building of the establishing shot for the apartment building in Friends where Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey lived. We also got a small glimpse of the building that eventually became the one used for Ross apartment building “across the street” from the other friends (the building that the fat naked ugly guy lived in).

Friends Location

The tour was really fun. As the only Native New Yorker on the bus (other than the bus driver and the tour guide), I had previously visited many of the locations we got to see like Columbus Circle, Central Park, FAO Schwarz Radio City, Rockefeller Center, etc. It was great seeing the places I had never seen though, like the friends building, Washington Square Park, and even the MIB headquarters!


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