#16 Act of Random Kindness

Went down in the subway today. Before going through the turnstiles, I used the machines at the station to put money on my MetroCard. Every month I get $40 from a transit check so I make sure to use it whenever I have it or I will lose it. Haven’t really been traveling much recently but I don’t like to waste money. I am not sure how, but last month my metro was sort of bent. I bought a new one to put the $40 in because I didn’t want the metro to stop working. If it did an I had put more money then I would have more than $60 on a card that didn’t swipe. Today, the $40 were still on the card and I added the other $40 from this month. I have been using the bent one so that I can get rid of it once the money was gone. It was down to $14 bucks.

As I was getting ready to walk away from the machine, I noticed two older ladies bickering by the machine next to the one I used. Apparently Lady#1 was having problems getting a card, so Lady#2 walked up to her and helped her get the card. After Lady#2 helped Lady#1, she asked her if she could swipe her thorough so she could go to work. Lady #1 basically laughed at Lady#2 … right in her face and refused to let her through. She actually walked away from her. I should have probably minded my business as most new yorkers usually do, but for some weird reason my body was moving before my brain had a chance to catch up. I walked up to the lady and said, “This has $14 in it.” Lady#2 looked at me as if she was about to cry. She gave me the biggest hug any stranger has ever given me. As if she were a grandmother happy to see her grandchild after a very long time. She kept repeating, “Bless you child, bless you!” And thanking me as she said “There is a God.”

I have been having a really crappy time lately. A very rough time. I’m not really in the position to be handing out gifts like that to random strangers. I am still wondering what possessed me to do it. I’m glad I did though. In all of my sorrow, it really made me feel good that I was able to make someone else have a better day.


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