#15 Murder Mystery

Join New York Adventure Club for a murder mystery experience at the historic Mount Vernon Hotel. In this fictional mystery game, loosely based on an historic newspaper account, an unidentified skeleton has been discovered at the Mount Vernon Hotel. Who was killed? By whom? With what? Explore the Museum by candlelight and collect clues to unravel the mystery and solve the case. Collaborate with others or go it alone, and find out how quickly you can uncover the truth.

That is exactly what I did last night. Teamed up with four others, we explored several rooms around the house, collecting clues along the way. For each room we entered, we received two clues. We had the option to take a verbal or physical challenge for a third clue that might help us uncover the mystery quicker. The verbal clues were mostly definitions to words we never even heard of. We had no success with them so instead we decided to keep doing the physical challenges. Each room we went to held a different device, a 19th century children’s toy we needed to figure out how to use. It took us quite some time to get a hang of them as these too were quite foreign, but we managed to get the extra clues.

In getting it all together, the team could only agree on one thing. Who was killed. The clues let us to believe that the hotels proprietor was the victim as he was one of the only ones unaccounted for. The clues all mentioned future ventures of most of the other characters, but there were no accounts of Mr. Woodhull outside of the hotel. The killer and the murder weapon caused a great debate amongst my team members. Most of them believed it was a knife because one of the clues stated that a character by the name of Dibble was especially crafty with them. I on the other hand felt that he was poisoned because the news article mentioned no signs of foul play (if he had been stabbed I’m sure they could tell) and because he often suffered from stomach ailments.

It was when we went to the kitchen that we found a big lead. After successfully getting this weird string toy to work, we were given a torn piece of paper with information about a poison called Foxglove. Upon reading what I could of the description, I automatically knew the murder weapon was definitely this poison.

Effects, Rules, and Cautions.
The Foxglove when given in very large and quickly-repeated doses, occasions sickness, vomiting, purging, giddiness, confused vision objects appearing green or yellow; increased secretion of urine, with ent motions to part with it, and sometimes inability to retain it; slo even as slow as 35 in a minute, cold sweats, convulsions, synco

The problem was that I still could not think of who poisoned him or how. I had a theory that it might have been the tavern man Abraham who often spent time alone with Woodhull.

In having two theories, we decided to head back to the first room to give in our solutions. We were told at the beginning of the game that when we thought we solved the mystery we were to report back, write it on a piece of paper (so other teams would not over hear), and they would tell us yes or no. The first answer my team mates gave was that Dibble killed Woodhull with the knife. They told us that was wrong. I then wrote my theory of Abraham poisoning Woodhull but that was wrong as well.

That’s when I decided to look through all of the clues myself. It turns out that the wife of the hotel owner, Mrs. Hart, loved to shop. There was a clue stating she could no longer afford to head to town and buy corsets. There was also a clue stating she hated Woodhull for not running her husbands hotel properly. Finally I came across the biggest clue of all that tied everything together for me.

Abraham recalled Flora telling the other help about how surprised she was to see Mrs. Hart serving tea to the Woodhull’s after dinner.

Mrs. Hart did it! She killed him by poisoning him in his tea! I figured that’s why the Harts sold the hotel shortly after the murder took place. There was a clue stating that Mrs Hart took the money from the sale and opened a tea shop in town. So weird.

Anyway it was amazing fun to solve the murder. I wrote down the answer, and we finally got the yes! It was awesome, to not just participate in the murder mystery game, but to be the one to put it all together as well. Everyone in my team did great though. They completed the physical challenges and helped narrow it all down.

When and where will my next adventure be? Hmm …


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