#14 The Long Harsh Winter

Things have been a bit hectic around here. Has not given me much time to do what I want and need to do. Not much time for fun either. It has been a long, cold, and harsh winter. The worse winter of my life I’d have to say. Too much has gone wrong, but I do not really want to get into it on here. I told myself this site would be used to record the fun, light, happy moments in my life. Haven’t written in a while because not much has gone down that fall into that category. However, this is a space to record the life and adventures of me. So far I’ve written nothing but a few adventures and not so much my life. Not sure I am comfortable to write my thoughts down under my true name for the entire world to see. Once you hit the post button, there is no taking it back. Not sure I am ready for that. My thoughts are sometimes dangerous, may hurt the people around me. Best I keep it all to myself.

Waiting for this winter to end. Perhaps with the blooming of flowers will come a bit of happiness.


One thought on “#14 The Long Harsh Winter

  1. I know what you mea. Hard to be able to write what you fully think and feel as opposed to just the today I went to….posts. underneath those posts you can be anyone you want but with the .. I think and I feel…your shadow that dwells in the depths of the darkness starts to grow it’s own form


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