#12 Les Misérables on Broadway

Yesterday morning, my mothers coworker asked me if I would like to go see Les Miz with her. A few weeks back she and her sister where at some kind of talk show in which they gave each audience member free tickets to see a Broadway show. Her sister chose to give her extra ticket to a friend of hers, and the other free ticket came to me. I was so lucky and so grateful that they thought to give the ticket to me.

I was amazed at how great the seats were! They were so close to the stage. I was in orchestra seating like third row. Third seat in. I could see the entire stage up close.

The show was beautiful. No words. Just singing.There were people coming in from the side of the audience (right by me). The props and costumes were amazing. Some of the strongest voices on Broadway I have heard yet. Other shows I have been to had two or three strong singers and the rest were okay. This one almost everyone had incredibly strong voices.


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