#11 Planetarium

Stepping out of the elevator, I was greeted by a darkened waiting area. I could feel and see the excitement of the children around me as they waited to enter the preternatural dome of wonder. As the doors to the planetarium opened, I could feel that their excitement matched my own. I picked a seat in the middle of the round about room and settled myself, looking around the incredibly blue ceiling. It was not a long wait before museum workers locked us in and the room turned pitch black. I cannot even begin to describe the breathtaking views of our universe. Is it possible to be in awe of something beautiful and scared crap less of it at the same time? As I listened to the story of the cosmos, I could not help but have a tiny panic attack, thinking of myself as a miniscule spec of dust in a high rise 110 floor building. Thinking that this existence goes on and on and on and we are nothing but a short second in the life of zillions of years.

Scary thoughts.

Thankfully, I had the pleasure of exploring the American Museum of Natural History afterwards, and that help settle my brain for a bit. Hopefully I can catch some shut eye tonight. I can’t seem to get the subject of dark matter and other great mysteries out of my mind. No matter how many stuffed animals, dinosaur bones, old artifacts, and horrible fake looking replicas I saw today.


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