#10 Completing College

I still cannot believe that this life goal of mines has officially been completed. I have been meaning to write about it for a while now but have been distracted with other aspects of my life (job search). Tonight I want to take the time to write about completing college because it is a very big deal to me.

I am the first in my family to do so. My mother graduated from high school, but she never made it to college. My father never completed much school. That I know of he never graduated high school. I have no siblings on my mothers side, and those half siblings on my fathers side decided breeding was more important than education. There are a few in my extended family that have degrees, but I do not think any of them have made it past associates. I am the first an only to attain a bachelors and I feel very proud of myself. I should. It was a hard road, seeing as how I had to face many problems along the way.

First and foremost was the issue of finance. I tried three times to complete my degree and failed because I did not qualify for financial aid and could not keep up with payments. The fourth time around I was eligible for financial aid which helped a bit but now I look to a future full of Brobdingnagian student loan debt.

My responsibilities always had me on the edge of quitting. Having to take care of my sick grandmother was very demanding. Trying to juggle her needs along with classes and classwork was incredibly difficult. I managed to work out a system though. Mind you it was one that caused me to suffer many a sleepless nights. I would take care of her all day, do homework at all hours of the night, sleep a couple of hours, and then do it all over again. Then I started taking online classes so I could still go to school but stay home and watch her.

I fought through my health issues as well. Sitting for hours at a time is physically demanding. I think that is why ever since I left school I can barely sit still. I might stay home from lack of funds (and because of the cold winter weather) but I do as much as I actively can around the house.

Finally, I had to face the pessimism of my family. I was always told I wouldn’t amount to anything. That I would be yet another teen pregnancy Puerto Rican statistic. A failure. Well … joke is on them! I took their negativity and used it to motivate me. It was my fuel … my energy source. I wanted to prove them wrong and now I have. I have actually completed my schooling and I want nothing more than to make copies of my diploma for each and everyone of them. Just … roll them up and stick it where the sun don’t shine. That way, every time they feel that uncomfortableness they can remember their abysmal behavior and how I did not let them get me down.


Get my Degree


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