#8 Bury the Time Capsule

From Sunday, December 14 – Thursday, December 18 I was in Elmira, NY with Vikki. I spent the entire time in her house. We exchanged christmas presents early, cleaned, cooked, shopped at Wal-mart, and even enjoyed some frozen yogurt. There was also some Mexican Fried Ice Cream involved. Never in my life had I tried it. It sounded gross to me. Who fries ice cream after all? It was surprisingly awesome! It was rolled in frosted flakes, fried, and topped with whipped cream and hot fudge. It was all in this weird taco shell shaped like a bowl.

The best part of the week however would have to be the time capsule. Essentially, a time capsule is suppose to be a historic cache that should be opened years later by a different generation to find out about the lives of the people that have come before them. Most people do not understand why Vikki and I did one because they feel a time capsule is supposed to be one set thing. Well its not like we are doing anything illegal! We wanted to bury some memories / predictions and open it ten years from now to see how we have grown. So we did! It is not a time capsule for anyone to open. It is just for us. I do not see why people think its weird. I’m sure we are not the first to have done it. Anyways I am looking forward to digging it up if it is as much fun as it was collecting memories, writing predictions, and burying it in the first place.


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