#7 Jessie J

Joy and I went to a Jessie J Meet and Greet at Lucky Strike Bowling. In my opinion it should be called a greet, snap, get out as there was not much meet. I do not know Jessie J’s music very well, I only heard about three songs. Joy , however, is a big fan of hers. She had two tickets again so I took up the second one to keep her company. We arrived to a line that reached about three blocks away from the entrance. We were by the water front, so the wind and cold were extremely harsh. We stood in line for a couple of hours freezing our bums off again talking about life and what the experience might be like. We thought perhaps we could take a picture and  get an autograph have enough time to say something to her. When we finally made it in through the doors, someone took our coats. We stood in a very fast line to take a professional picture with her. When I got in front of her I had enough time to say Nice to meet you, turn around snap a picture, and was basically handed my coat with an unsigned poster and kicked out the door so the other 50 or so people left could do the same. We waited in line for hours for like five seconds of face time. Geez. At least Joy got to see her!

Meet Jessie J

On a totally unrelated side note, I got to enjoy some very expensive but very delicious macaroons after the meet and greet. They were heaven! Better than meeting Jessie J. Ha.


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