#6 The Hobbit Event

Joy asked me to go with her to a free fan screening of the new Hobbit movie. She was able to go last year with her husband but this time she wanted me to go. I have been up since six in the morning. I went early to the theater and stood outside in the cold and snow to ensure that we would get in. Joy met me there as soon as she arrived in New York from Philadelphia. We were super excited when we received our wristbands, a sure sign that we were definitely in! We waited some more inside the theater where cos players dressed as the company mingled and drove us a little crazy. It was fun regardless. We managed to get seats in the front row and were surprised when we found out that it was not just a preview of the movie. We got to see it full length, for free, with free popcorn and soda, and enjoyed it all in Imax 3D. After the movie, The Hero Complex (who hosted the event) conducted an interview with Lee Pace (the Elven king Thandruil) and Richard Armitage (the dwarf King Thorin Oakenshield) while we watched. We got to see them in person! We were a little disappointed not to be able to get their autographs or take pictures with them, but being that close and enjoying all the other perks was awesome enough! I can officially say I have been to a movie screening with actors!

To see more on the Hobbit Event go to the Hero Complex!


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