#5 Halloween Night

For years I have wanted to attend the Annual New York Halloween Parade. Unfortunately,  every year that I tried, one thing or another would arise that would prevent me from going. This year, I was finally successful! I made it to the parade friday night and it was amazing! Vikki and I spent the afternoon getting our costumes ready. We thought it would be more fun to dress up for the night.


Although we left early, it was an extreme adventure trying to find a decent spot to watch the parade from. I finally managed to navigate my way to a spot. The parade was loud, colorful, beautiful, amazing,  and so much fun. I really enjoyed watching the creativity of the many costumes and floats. Perhaps next year I should join as opposed to just watching.  It might just be better.

After the parade,  we managed to fight our way out of the crowd and head towards a nearby bar. I originally wanted to go to the slaughtered lamb pub, but it was completely full. A few doors down there was a karaoke bar less crowded. We decided to enter to rest our feet, use the restroom, and have a little fun before heading home. I cannot believe it, but I actually worked up the courage to sing the Beatles “I’ve just seen a face” in front of people!  I was kind of sad that for some odd reason my video did not record, so I do not have proof, but I know I did it. That’s what counts!



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