#2 Spontaneous Weekend Ahead

My friend Vikki is coming for a visit. She called me tonight to tell me that she booked the bus ticket, is packed, and has a surprise for me. She has sparked my interest because she refuses to tell me what she is planning. The only hint that I received was that a train ride was required. Not a subway ride, but a train ride … to me this hints we are going out of town. I was planning on doing a few things around the city with her, like go to the farm or this new park that I want to check out, but it seems she has something else in mind. She will be getting here tomorrow night and leaving Monday morning. Perhaps we will get to do both of what we planned, one on Saturday and one on Sunday? Not sure. I do not even know if we will be back the same day. We shall see what this spontaneous weekend has in store for us!


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