#166 SeaWorld

Jesse came down to Florida for another visit. He got here Monday afternoon and we have spent the entire week together. We visited the caves, the park, watched the sunset at the beach, watched TV, played card games, went to dinner, and went swimming. On Tuesday he drove me to work so we could spend time together on the drive, he picked me up from work during lunch so we could eat, then he picked me up from work at the end of the day. On Wednesday I got home to a sweet beautiful bouquet of flowers. He met my mom for the first time and they get along and she likes him.

It has been a life long dream of my moms to go see “Shamu”, so as a mother’s day gift I decided to take her to SeaWold yesterday. The three of us drove out to Orlando early in the morning and spent the entire day at the park. We had a great time. We walked the entire park but didn’t do much. All three of us are not very big fans of crowds and neither one of them can really get on rides due to their anxieties and claustrophobia. We mostly watched all the shows available at the theaters around the park like the orca’s and the bottle-nosed dolphins. That was the entire point of the trip anyway so it was worth it. My mom was super excited to see her whales at last. She looked like a little kid at Disney for most of the day. We drove back home a few hours before the park closed to avoid traffic jams. We had dinner and I spent a few last hours with Jess before he headed back home.

Today is officially mother’s day but I am not doing anything. I am too tired from the trip yesterday. I feel bad that I didn’t take her to a dinner or something today but my mother doesn’t mind because she had the best present ever!


#165 Blueberry Picking

Every year Corey’s grandmother likes to go blueberry picking. Apparently she buys a big batch, makes her own blueberry waffles, freezes them, and eats them through out the year. This year she was nice enough to invite my mother and I along.

We first went to her home to pick her up. I was thrilled to find out that her community has a peacock infestation. Not rats, roaches, stray cats or dogs. They have peacocks terrorizing the neighborhood. They were beautiful. All over the parking lot and on roof tops.

We drove in two cars to Margo’s Blueberry Farm. Spent an hour or so walking through the rows of bushes picking berries to put in the buckets that his grams would be bringing home, as well as mischievously eating some of the berries when no one was looking.

We took two buckets full to her home where she prepared for us a wonderful lunch for us. Fruit salad, greens salad, bread and butter, coffee cake, juice water coffee.

We parted ways with Corey’s mom and grams. Christina, Corey, my mom and I returned to my apartment and went down to the pool for the first time. I loved it. Had not been in the water since last year. It felt so nice.

For dinner we decided to try another interesting find in my neighborhood, Taipei Taipei. I had the orange chicken with fried rice, egg roll, and a coconut bubble tea with passion fruit popping bubbles. Small restaurant, good food. Tea did not meet my new bubble tea standards but good enough.


#164 New Car

May 15th would have been two years with my very first car. I was looking forward to his “birthday” and hoping to have him for a lot longer. Unfortunately, for months now he seemed to get worse and worse. I was having problems with my tires, my breaks, and other things. My uncle fixed them and mechanics worked on him too, but it all kept messing up again. He was getting noisier by the day. The faster I went the louder he got. It got to the point where I did not want to drive above 50mph.

This morning on my way to work it got even worse. I could tell the transmission was going out. It would take more money to fix him than he was even worth. It broke my heart to let him go. I know it’s just material and maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so emotional to part with it, but I went through a lot in my life with that car. I was scared to drive it though and my mother kept freaking out about it. I think she envisioned me in the worst possible car accident ever. Tonight after work, I went to a dealership and traded him in for a 2017 Nissan Altima. He’s way too fancy for me. On the plus side, it is the very same car I rented and drove my mom down to Florida in so it wont take too long to get used to. I hope I am blessed to have this new car for a very long time.

#163 Hamburger Mary’s

Yesterday was Brandon’s 17th Birthday. A few weeks ago I asked everyone what we should do and no one had anything planned so I came up with the idea to take him to Hamburger Mary’s. He is very into RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queens, etc. I thought it would be a fun place for him to visit. Christina and Corey set everything up. Getting a reservation inviting his friends, coworkers, and his family. We did not tell him where we were going. It was my job to get him there. The entire ride he looked miserable thinking we were going to do something stupid and boring like go to the mall or just chill with family at his sisters house (which is ten minutes from the restaurant so the entire drive he thought we were just driving to her house). When he saw where we were going he went nuts. C&C got him a tiara and a sash. Our entire party took up two tables. The queens loved him. Kept calling him a flaming homosexual. They danced with him, sang to him, they even made him take a shot with all of them. Don’t worry they were aware how old he was so it was only cranberry juice. The food was amazing. I got a signature leg drink as did he and a few others in our party. It was a wonderful night of dancing, eating, and joking around. I am so happy he had a blast.  He was happy that we went out of our way to do something for him and take part of his world like he never thought we would do.

#162 May-Stringer House Family Visit

As I mentioned before in a previous post, I have been re-exploring some of my favorite locations with my mom showing her what Florida is all about. This week my aunt came to visit from NYC for her granddaughters birthday (who lives in Orlando). She decided to come down to Brooksville for the weekend and I showed them around the town. Took her and my mom to places neither of them had been to yet.

Went to the May-Stringer House which serves as the Hernando Historical Museum. They got to see many items at the museum that reminded them of their childhood. I loved this tour more than my first visit because this tour guide was much more informative. I tried to take them to the Tilted Teacup after but it was closed for a private reservation only Titanic event. I ended up taking them to Greek City Cafe instead then to Bayport so the girls could see the beach. Apparently with all the visits they make to Florida, they had yet to make it to the beach. I do not know how that happens but, I had fun taking everyone around. It was also nice to see my mom so happy. I think she was very excited to share her new life with her sister.