#136 Art of the Brick

THE ART OF THE BRICK is a global touring exhibition rated by CNN as one of the world’s “Must See Exhibitions.” These are the first art exhibitions to focus exclusively on the use of LEGO® bricks as an art medium and artist Nathan Sawaya has taken it to new heights.

This award-winning artist has multiple unique exhibitions created solely from standard LEGO bricks often with several new sculptures created specifically for each exhibition. Each show has countless colorful LEGO pieces which Sawaya has transformed into whimsical and awe-inspiring creations.”

I never made it to Art of the Brick when it was at Times Square back in 2014. I thought my chances of seeing it were gone forever until Corey and Christina where looking for something to do non wedding related to get their minds off of everything and asked me if  I wanted to check it out. I immediately jumped on the opportunity. I missed it once and I was not about to miss it again. I was so excited!  I am so glad I got to go. Nathan Sawaya is a talented genius. His art was amazing. He must have a lot of patience.

What’s even better is that we were very close to Snobachi. Of course, we returned for some more of that delicious rolled ice cream when we got done exploring the exhibit.


#135 Bridal Shower

Today was Christina’s Bridal Shower. She didn’t know we had anything planned. What spoiled the surprise was that when she pulled up to her friends house she saw all our cars and knew something was up because why else would we be there. It wasn’t normal. We sat around playing typical bridal games like bingo and make a toilet paper veil. Ate food. Opened presents. Listened to music. Everyone went out drinking afterwards but I wasn’t feeling very well so I ended up going home. Fun night thought.


#134 Dave and Busters

One of the bridal party members, my cousin Ashley, could not make it out to last nights festivities. Therefore, we decided last minute to go all the way to Orlando and spend time with her after work. We ended up going to have dinner at Dave and Buster’s and then spent the rest of the night playing in the arcade. It was my first time there. I liked it. It was fun. I managed to get enough tickets to get myself a little Charmander. Normally I take loads of pictures of my adventure but I didn’t here. I don’t know if I was busy having too much fun or if I was still out of it from last night but I just didn’t.


#133 Hen and Stag

For months now I have been planning a bachelor/bachelorette party for Corey and Christina (C+C). I know normally these things are held separately but they insisted on having one together. They are usually the night before a wedding too but with the wedding party’s crazy schedules the bride and groom thought it best to do it a little in advance on a day that worked for everyone involved. Last night … was the night.

The plan was to go on a pub crawl in Dunedin. I rented a party bus to help us get to all locations with out us having to drive. I had a list of ten bars we needed to drink at least one drink from, while trying to compete/complete a hen and stag scavenger hunt. The night would be ended at a night club for dancing until the bus came to pick us up.

Scavenger Hunt
Five Points
Do a shot
Blow bubbles from one bar to another
Copy a strangers dancing
Skip from one bar to another
Successfully photo bomb someone else’s picture.
Ten Points
Use a cheesy pick up line on a stranger
Ask a guy/girl to marry you
Get  a kiss from a stranger
Dance crazy by yourself on the dance floor
Fifteen Points
Convince a stranger to serenade you, on video, with a cheesy love song
Take a picture with a cop/bouncer
Get a guy/girl to give you their number
Pretend like you are paranoid and ask a guy/girl why they want you so bad
Get a guy/girl to buy you a drink
Twenty Points
Collect a napkin from every bar signed by the bar tender
Find a bald man and rub his head as you make a wish
Take a pic of a shot that’s on fire.
Find someone with the same name as the bride/groom, and provide proof.
Get a stranger to take a picture with you and post it to their Instagram with a hashtag of your name spelled backwards.

Other than the date and time, C+C were not aware of the nights activities. We started off at their home where everyone met up to go over the rules of the night, pick up their party gear, and get on the party bus! The night did not go as planned at all. On the bus ride there, everyone got so drunk that by the time we got off at the first bar, Flanagan’s Irish Pub, none of us could walk straight.

I had called the bars in advance letting them know we were coming so that our disruption wouldn’t be an unwelcome surprise. They greeted us with open arms and even participated with scavenger hunt. The live musician of the night even serenaded someone in he party. It was great. We literally took over the entire bar trying to complete tasks from the hunt. Super funny.

It was even funnier when we were on the street and the entire drunk crew was trying to skip to the next bar, Skip’s Bar & Grill, while blowing bubbles and yelling out to people if their names were Corey or Christina. At the second bar, I was amazed at myself. I have never once before in my life drank as much as I did last night. I was asking people to marry me and even used a cheesy pick up line on a guy. I mean it was crazy! Stuff I normally would be too shy to even attempt. At events like this most of the time I am off to one corner keeping to myself, but my cousins begged me to participate and loose for once. As my wedding gift to them, I did, and they were so happy about it.

Anyway on the way to the third bar, Dunedin Brewery, we kept loosing people along the walk. Some were throwing up and acting a fool. Even inside the bar they were being too wild. I made the decision to call off the crawl and head to the night club for the rest of the night. Their behavior was narrowed down to crazy dancing the rest of the night at Blur Nightclub and that was safest for everyone.

The embarrassing night time shenanigans below!



#132 Car Headaches and Dresses

I was driving to work yesterday morning, windows down, music on, jamming away, when all of a sudden, I hear a loud noise and my car starts shaking uncontrollably. I pull over in the first driveway I see and stop the car. Get out look around I am halfway to work stuck in a car dealer parking lot with an inflatable flailing arm man laughing at me. I start to panic because I walk around my car and notice a flat tire.

This happened to me not too long ago with the front passenger side tire and now it happened again with my passenger rear tire. I called my boss to tell her I was going to be late and ask her for help because last time I called my uncle to change it and he was at work (I was also too far from the house). My boss sends my coworker/warehouse manager to help me out. I thought once he changed the tire the problem would be solved. He drives away I follow and my car is still shaking but I push it to get to work. All the guys look it over in the parking lot at work and see nothing wrong with any of the tires and I have no clue why it would be shaking. Finish my work day, go home in a shaky car, and ask my uncle to look it over. Thankfully it was Friday because he looks it over and finds that the rack and pinion is completely shredded and tells me this is one job he can’t fix because the car needs to be elevated. Apparently, when the rack and pinion broke, my tire ran over some of the pieces and that’s what caused the flat tire.

This morning I go to the shop to get it fixed and just about died on the spot when the man tells me its approximately $800 to fix and would also take several hours. Thankfully I have just been approved for a new credit card and it already arrived in the mail so I went ahead and put it all on there and I will pay it off little by little. If I didn’t have that card I really don’t know what I would have done. I was also thankful that my cousin came over because our bridesmaid dresses are ready! She picked me up from the shop so I wouldn’t have to sit there all day and we got our dresses from David’s Bridal. We also took the time to visit this little old lady that is going to alter our dresses (cheaper than getting it done at David’s) and did our fitting. Left the dresses there. Picked up my car and on my way home the car is still shaking. Need to take it back see what the heck is still wrong with it after paying almost $800 I do not need it shaking!