#132 Car Headaches and Dresses

I was driving to work yesterday morning, windows down, music on, jamming away, when all of a sudden, I hear a loud noise and my car starts shaking uncontrollably. I pull over in the first driveway I see and stop the car. Get out look around I am halfway to work stuck in a car dealer parking lot with an inflatable flailing arm man laughing at me. I start to panic because I walk around my car and notice a flat tire.

This happened to me not too long ago with the front passenger side tire and now it happened again with my passenger rear tire. I called my boss to tell her I was going to be late and ask her for help because last time I called my uncle to change it and he was at work (I was also too far from the house). My boss sends my coworker/warehouse manager to help me out. I thought once he changed the tire the problem would be solved. He drives away I follow and my car is still shaking but I push it to get to work. All the guys look it over in the parking lot at work and see nothing wrong with any of the tires and I have no clue why it would be shaking. Finish my work day, go home in a shaky car, and ask my uncle to look it over. Thankfully it was Friday because he looks it over and finds that the rack and pinion is completely shredded and tells me this is one job he can’t fix because the car needs to be elevated. Apparently, when the rack and pinion broke, my tire ran over some of the pieces and that’s what caused the flat tire.

This morning I go to the shop to get it fixed and just about died on the spot when the man tells me its approximately $800 to fix and would also take several hours. Thankfully I have just been approved for a new credit card and it already arrived in the mail so I went ahead and put it all on there and I will pay it off little by little. If I didn’t have that card I really don’t know what I would have done. I was also thankful that my cousin came over because our bridesmaid dresses are ready! She picked me up from the shop so I wouldn’t have to sit there all day and we got our dresses from David’s Bridal. We also took the time to visit this little old lady that is going to alter our dresses (cheaper than getting it done at David’s) and did our fitting. Left the dresses there. Picked up my car and on my way home the car is still shaking. Need to take it back see what the heck is still wrong with it after paying almost $800 I do not need it shaking!


#131 Howey-in-the-Hills

Pristine Howey-in-the-Hills is a rural village located on the shoreline of Little Lake Harris.  Our Town is secluded from, yet convenient to, the best of Orlando’s attractions and both of Florida’s coasts.  It is a delightful, quiet, safe and well-kept community that offers family focused living surrounded by a striking panorama of glistening lakes and nestled among the gently rolling hills.

I thought it best to let the town of Howey-in-the-Hills tell you for themselves who and what they are. I have lived in Florida for about a year and a half now and since day one my aunt kept insisting we go to Howie-in-the-Hills. We didn’t go until today. It was great fun. We went to several locations to fish, kite fly, and sight see. The drive there itself was very scenic with farm lands and orange groves. Fun chill day out. Some of our kite flying shenanigans below. Unfortunately not much wind in first couple locations but the last one really did blow (in a good way).



#130 Contact Lenses and Work Perks

Back when I was about thirteen years old, there was an incident that ruined me for a very long time. You see, my mom decided to purchase some contacts for me during my annual visit to the eye doctor. I was very excited to get them as I thought it would make my high school career a lot better. No more four eyes, I would just be me and I could be able to see, without my glasses being in the way. I received my first pair put them in just fine and wore them the entire Saturday trying to get used to them before school on Monday. When night time came around, I had to take them off before bed, and I couldn’t. Yes that’s right I had a complete meltdown because the dam lenses would not come out of my eye. I swear we were there close to two hours trying to take them out, but my crying was moistening them and making it worse to take out. I swear at that time I thought I would never get them out of my eye.

I never wore contacts again. Ever. Until today.

Yep, that’s right. I was traumatized for years. Graduated high school with glasses, graduated college with glasses, multiple jobs with glasses and now finally after about 15 years later I decided to try it again. Why now? Well multiple reasons, Christina and Corey’s wedding being one of them. They have a pair of glasses they want all of us to wear and well, they would look tacky over my glasses so its best to get contacts. Yes many reasons but my main one is something I haven’t gotten a chance to mention in my past posts about my new job.

It turns out there are some perks that come along with the position. The main one being that the owners of the company pay for all of their employees to go on a company cruise at the end of the year as a thank you for all the hard work during our busy season! In November we will all be going on a weekend Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas! Isn’t that insane?! For free! I get to go to the Bahamas for free! All expenses paid to Grand Bahama Island, Freeport. All I would have to pay for is the gratuities and if I would like a drink package. Whats even better is that I get to bring a guest with me! I chose Christina as she is the most cruise experienced I know and she could show me how to really enjoy my first cruise and I know she would be available (unlike many others I considered).

Anyway, back to my point, the reason I got the lenses is because I know on the cruise I would want to go swimming or do other beach like activities and the contacts would help. Especially with wearing sunglasses in that amazing Bahamian sun! Yes I am aware its the same sun everywhere but you get what I mean!  I’m going to the Bahamas with contact lenses!

#129 Snobachi

Today Christina, Corey and I had another one of our random days out. They needed to head out into Tampa to IKEA to purchase some things for their house. As always we walked the entire store looking at all the displays and ended with a quick visit to the food court. Swedish meatballs are awesome! One of the few things I like about IKEA. I’ve never been a fan of their furniture. To me, they look frail, cheap, and very very small. I feel like I would break them if I sat on them, not to mention it is all so low I might just not be able to get up ever again.

Either way, after our walk around, Christina kept mentioning she was in the mood for ice cream. Not the frozen yogurt from the food court but actual ice cream. Corey decided to search on his phone for any nearby ice cream locations and a place called Snobachi kept coming up. Not sure what or where exactly Snobachi was, we decided to figure it out. Best thing we have ever done! It was a Handcrafted Ice Cream place! Wasn’t exactly sure what was going on at first. It had a very dark neon black light club kind of feel to it. Loud music. Tons of people. The wait in line was about 30-45 minutes. You could see the workers making other peoples order behind the counter and it looked so cool we decided it was worth the wait. I ended up getting Snorolls (rolled ice cream) called “Coco-Passion” which was Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango, Coconut Flakes, Coconut Flavor, Passion Fruit Flavor, Strawberry Sauce, Kiwi Lime Sauce, and whipped cream.  It tasted amazing! Check out how mine was made below!